EURO to PKR Rates Today – Convert Euros Into Pakistani Rupees

Euro to PKR Rates Today

Today Euro Rate in Pakistan is Rs :::  173

16 October, 2019 EUR to PKR 171.5 PKR 173 PKR
15 October, 2019 EUR to PKR 171.25 PKR 172.75 PKR
14 October, 2019 EUR to PKR 171.50 PKR 173.00 PKR
13 October, 2019 EUR to PKR 172.00 PKR 174.00 PKR
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Euro to PKR

Euro to Pkr: Today’s euro rate in open market is 173 RS for one Euro compare to previous week rates has increase slightly as dollar rates also increased a bit although Euro Rates are stable since last few weeks which is a good sign for Pakistan Economy. euro to pkr

After US Dollar and GBP British Pound Euro has considered as the third largest currency of the world Europe is the global trade market million dollar and euros has invested in European markets this the Reason Euro has gain the value as the third largest currency used in whole Europe controlled by central Bank of Europe around 20 members of European nations used Euro as their state currency The current value of Euro currency in Pakistani rupees is 1 Euro to PKR = 173 Rupees.

You can go to money exchange to change your currency or can visit national bank of Pakistan to convert your Euro into PKR mostly Pakistani Importers exchange PKR to Euro paying tax and custom duty as well on the other hand Exporters who exports goods from Pakistan gets benefits from government as well.

Now days people exchange their money online, online money exchanges also records huge business exchange last year you can also find euro rates in our web page you Euro to PKR rates does change every hour depends on Dollar rates.

One thing you should keep in mind that there is difference between inter bank Euro exchange and open market exchange rates euro are different in open Market.

The exchange rate for Euro in Pakistan is rising slowly and it is Predicted that Euro rates may increase in next few weeks as stock exchange market closing on negative points when we look back in 2009 Euro was trading around 80 RS to 90 Rs but now Euro has break all the previous records Pakistan has gain the G+ position in European countries which allow Pakistani Exporters to trade freely without any fear of huge Taxes from European Countries due to which Pakistan is gaining confidence in the international market and progressing . Difference between imports and exports is decreasing now which will help Pakistani currency to strengthen its position against Euro and Dollar.

Pakistan has borrowed huge Loan from World Bank also From IMF as well this is their policy to increase Euro and dollars rates so Tax collection target can be achievable.

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