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UBL Netbanking Overview

UBL Netbanking: United Bank was formed in 1959 by Agha Hassan Abedi in Karachi. United Bank is one of the largest private banks of Pakistan and is owned by Bestway Group, which is a UK based consortium. Moreover, the bank has assets which are worth $15 billion, it employs around 13,000 worldwide and has branches in several countries including UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, UK, Yemen, Switzerland, China, Oman, US, Tanzania, Iran and Pakistan. Being one of the largest banks of Pakistan, United Bank has 18 branches outside of Pakistan and has a customer base of over 4 million.

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In the bank’s sixty years history, it has gone on to become one of the largest privately owned banks of Pakistan. It was the founder’s leadership that drove the bank to such successful heights and the retail and wholesale banking services that it provides, the main reasons for the bank’s success.

In the early 2000’s, the Government of Pakistan sold its major shares in the bank to a consortium Abu Dhabi Group and Bestway. Moreover, the bank combined its operations in the UK with the National Bank of Pakistan to form United Bank Limited. United Bank owns over half the shares while the rest of the shares are owned by State Bank of Pakistan.

Online Banking

United Bank Limited launches its online operations in a bid to make their services more accessible to its customers. Through this service, the customers can access their accounts and can avail services such as cash deposits, money transfers, account statements as well as payment of utility bills.

Banking Services

United Bank Limited has more than a thousand offices across Pakistan and a workforce of around 13,000 employees. Banking services in Pakistan started during the colonial rule in the subcontinent. After the independence in 1947, Pakistan emerged on the global stage as a serious market for international investments which highlighted the importance of having an effective banking structure in place.

United Bank Limited envisions itself to be an undisputed leader in providing the best banking services to its customers. Moreover, it aims to expand itself and gain an even larger clientele. UBL Netbanking certainly has the ability to grow steadily. It also aims to produce greater leaders by investing in human capital.

UBL Netbanking provides services that are up to par with international banks and the services that it provides is one of the main reasons for the banks success and also why UBL Netbanking is among the best private banks of

The services provided by UBL are as follows:-

1- Lockers
2- Money Transfers
3- Cash Deposits
4- Account Transfers
5- Cash Withdrawal
6- Foreign Remittances

These services are some of the many that are provides by the bank. Moreover, the vast network of the nation wide branch network is a major step in helping facilitate the bank’s customers. In addition to the offices that it has, UBL Netbanking also provides the services online banking which provide all the services and all of these services are accessible at the customer’s fingertips. UBL Netbanking Omni is the name of the online service that UBL provides.

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