Pakistan Railways – Train Timing Information 2020

Pakistan Railways Timing

Pakistan Railways Timing: Pakistan Railways is a state owned rail company, the Government of Pakistan owns Pakistan Railways. The company was founded in 1861 and over the passage of time, the rail company has expanded to nearly 8000 km of track across Pakistan. With over 70,000 employees, Pakistan Railways employs one of the largest workforce around Pakistan. The Pakistan Railways is headquartered in Lahore and has been operating out of Lahore since its inception.

Founded in 1861, the rail company was owned by the British Raj until 1947, after the independence the company was given to the dominion of Pakistan and later was brought under the Government of Pakistan. Before the separation of the India and Pakistan, as the Rail company was headquartered in Lahore and after the separation, Pakistan was given full control of the railway network, which came as a blessing because back then the only main form of transportation for people was the Railway network, which the people used to transport goods, commute and travel from one part of Pakistan to another. Since, the road network and infrastructure was not strong, the pre-built rail network that Pakistan was given control of, served as a vital tool for the newly formed Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Services & Vision

Over the course of time, Pakistan Railways has managed to add a number of new locomotives and laid down new tracks in order to further expand the railway network across Pakistan. Even though majority of the track was laid down around 80 years ago, the Government of Pakistan has invested a significant amount of resources to further enhance and expand the network. Moreover, Pakistan Railways serves around 65 million to 75 million people in Pakistan.

Pakistan Railways has around 200 engines, which are currently employed and there are plans to increase the numbers significantly. As Pakistan is growing and is currently going through a phase of overall development, the demand of locomotives along with carriages has sky-rocketed and it is due to this rise in demand that Pakistan Railways is constantly buying ne equipment from China to meet the rising demands.

Given the importance of the railways, Pakistan Railways Timing has launched initiatives to cut down on the cost as well as make the railway network more environment-friendly. Since climate change is an issue which even the most developed nations are worried about, Pakistan has taken aa serious step in playing its part to help curb CO2 emissions by introducing electric trains. So much so, that the Lahore-Khanewalstation was electrified by 25kv AC.

Ever since the CPEC project was announced, Pakistan Railways Timing has taken a more serious approach towards increasing the railway network by capitalizing on the CPEC project. Moreover, Pakistan Railways wants to grow its market share of the transportation sector from a mere 3% to 20%, by doing so it will be able to generate revenue in billions of dollars. Additionally, the plan also includes adding more locomotives, enhancing the infrastructure, increasing the average speed as well as further enhance the on-time performance and grow its passenger services.

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