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MTMIS Punjab Vehicle Verification System

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MTMIS Punjab: Motor Transport Information Management System (MTMIS) is a vehicle verification system that provides all the details of a vehicle in Pakistan. It is developed by Excise Department of Punjab, in order to overcome all the vehicle related crime. This system allows the users to safely sell or purchase a vehicle because the general masses can simply type in the details of the car to find out all about the vehicle as well as the owner. In addition, the system also enables the users by providing them access to a centralized database, which shows if the vehicle has been involved in any criminal activity and if the taxes of the car are all cleared.

Benefits of MTMIS Punjab

The Motor Transport Information Management System (MTMIS) has many benefits for the users some of them are as follows:-

  • Tracks the precise record of the car and shows the legal owner of the vehicle
  • Registration Number of the vehicle
  • The color of the vehicle
  • Engine Number of the vehicle
  • Price of the vehicle
  • The year of making of the vehicle
  • All the recent tax details of the vehicle

These details ensure that the vehicle has not been tampered with in any way, shape or form. The centralized database has information of the vehicles down to the last detail.

Pre-MTMIS era

Before the introduction of MTMIS Punjab, the vehicles that were sold by owners were almost always tampered with, so much so, that the vehicle had no resemblance to the record that was with authorities. This led to a spike in vehicle related crimes because criminals would just get away with the crime by switching back and forth between the details of the vehicles by mostly changing the parts or by simply forging the registration details of the vehicles.

Conclusion of MTMIS Punjab

If we talk about the huge drop in crimes since the introduction of MTMIS Punjab, then we can simply credit this success to the authorities and agencies that came together to bring this centralized database to life and even more so, by making accessing the database such a streamlined affair. With the MTMIS, the masses have had time to take a breath of relief because now they can simply check the details of the car online and that too, through an official and reliable network. This accessibility has helped the people stay safe and it also helps the businesses flourish. MTMIS Punjab

MTMIS Punjab Online

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