Banana Benefits – Banana Benefits In Urdu

Benefits of Bananas

Banana Benefits: Fruits have always been a delicacy for most of us and despite the fact that some of the fruits are specific to a region, humans have found a way to grow these fruits in other regions and in case this cultivation doesn’t work then we just tend to import them over to our region. If we are to talk about the benefits of fruits then there are many, from building up our immune system to helping us ward off exhaustion and helping our skin radiate, fruits do all of these thing and they taste so good.

How do Bananas help us?

1. Banana Benefits are an exceptional source of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B6 helps us by:

a. It helps build up the RBC count or the Red Blood Cell count
b. It helps to utilize energy from the fats and carbohydrates.
c. Helps utilize Amino Acids
d. Remove toxic elements from kidneys and liver, keeping these organs clean in the process.
e. It helps us have a strong and healthy nervous system

Vitamin B6 also is important for women who are carrying a child in their womb and it also helps the baby to grow inside the womb as it carries a lot of nutrients to the womb.

2. Bananas are rich in Vitamin C

Though, it may not seem like it but Bananas are actually rich in Vitamin C and even eating an average sized banana helps the body by giving us 10% of our daily requirement of Vitamin C. The uses of Vitamin C are as follows:

a. It saves the tissue from getting damaged and safeguards the cells in our body.
b. Bananas help us better absorb iron
c. It helps the bones, skin and bones to stay together by helping us build up collagen.
d. It improves our brain as it aids in the production of Serotonin, a chemical which helps simulate the sleep cycles, moods and experiences of pain and stress

3. Provides your skin with Collagen

Manganese helps the skin to radiate and safeguards other cells from damage. Eating just one banana helps the body by giving the body its 13% daily requirement of manganese.

4. Rich in Potassium

Bananas are fabled for the richness of potassium they have in them. An average sized banana helps the body meet 10% of its daily potassium requirement, as each banana carries around 400mg of potassium.
Moreover, bananas are low in sodium which helps the blood pressure to be in normal ranges and the combination of low sodium and high potassium helps the blood pressure to be normal

5. Bananas Provide Energy

Bananas are excellent sources of energy as they carry three sugars- sucrose, glucose and fructose and these sugars give you an energy boost without the fats cholesterol. Usually, when we consume foods that are high in energy, they come loaded to the brim with fats which is detrimental for people who suffer from diseases of the heart, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Banana Benefits

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