Toyota Aqua 2020 Price in Pakistan, Pictures and Specifications

Toyota Aqua Price in Pakistan

Steering PositionRight Hand Drive
Transmission TypeAutomatic
FuelPetrol, Hybrid
Passenger Capacity5
No of Doors4
Mileage City &  Highway24 & 21 KM/L
Engine Power74 hp @ 5000 RPM
Price2,200,000 – 2,200,000

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Toyota Aqua Price in Pakistan: Toyota Aqua or Toyota Prius C was launched in 2012 and is widely regarded as a smaller version of the Toyota Prius which has an 1800cc engine while Toyota Aqua has a 1500cc engine. It has been widely popular mainly because of its fuel efficiency and also the fact that it is a hybrid vehicle, which helps give it such an amazing fuel efficiency. Moreover, it saves a lot of the fuel which gives the vehicle a longer mileage. In Pakistani market, there wasn’t a vehicle quite as efficient as Toyota Aqua and as soon as the vehicle hit the roads of Pakistan, it instantly became a fan favourite and since its introduction in Pakistan it has retained a strong market value.

One of the main unique selling points of Aqua is that it has a hybrid motor which saves a lot of fuel cost and also makes the vehicle totally reliant on fuel. Pakistani market, like most markets, is a huge market for vehicles and prior to the introduction of Aqua most of the people were unaware of the benefits of having a hybrid vehicle and seeing the success of Aqua in Pakistani market, Honda importers began to export vehicles that had hybrid technology in them but majority of the hybrid market share is still held by Aqua and Prius in Pakistan.


Aqua Car Price in Pakistan: Toyota Aqua has a sleek interior which is not only good looking but also functional, it has automatic climate control and an infotainment screen which allows for AUX and Bluetooth connectivity. Moreover, it has comfortable seats and depending on the variant you can even have leather seats. The car rides smoothly across all uneven surfaces of the road and even lets you know if there is something wrong with the car by displaying an icon on the speedometer.


The vehicle has a beautiful exterior which gives it a sporty look and appeals to both the young and the older audiences. Moreover, some variants of the Aqua have cosmetic upgrades which the give the vehicle an aggressive look and the bright LED lights also give the vehicle an aggressive look. At the rear of the vehicle we have a hatchback trunk opening and the brake lights are swept upwards alongside the trunk and the look of the vehicle is further enhanced by a large rear bumper.

Variants & Engine

The engine of all the variants of Toyota Aqua is the same at 1499cc and a hybrid motor to support the engine. If we talk about the variants then we see that there are numerous variants of Aqua such as Aqua X, Aqua X Urban and Aqua G to name a few. All of the variants of Aqua have a similar architecture underneath the hood but on the surface these variants offer several options such as cosmetic upgrades, push start, climate control and cruise control. All in all, Toyota Aqua is an incredibly efficient vehicle to have in Pakistan because it saves you a lot of money. Aqua Car Price in Pakistan

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