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London Prayer Times

Date9 March 2020
Fajar04:35 AM
Sunrise06:26 AM
Zuhr12:10 PM
Asr03:13 PM
Maghrib05:54 PM
Isha07:39 PM

London Prayer Times: London is a cultural hub where people from all over the world with different religions, ethnicity and languages live together in harmony and the religious tolerance is the highest. One of the many benefits of living in a diverse city like London, is that it teaches you to be tolerant towards people of different backgrounds and also make you more receptive to new ideas.


Islam is one of the oldest monotheistic religions of the world and has been around for a millennia. In this time, Islam has grown to be one of the largest religions of the world mainly because Islam is not a religion for a select few but rather a religion for all the people of the world and additionally it is not confined to a specific time period, it is bound to be a religion till the end of times. If we are to talk about how Islam grew then we can simply thank the conquests by Islamic leaders or caliphs. Caliphs can be attributed with spreading Islam across all corners of the world.

Islam’s Contributions

With the passage of time, Islamic civilizations started to come to life and then the Islamic contributions to the world have been significant and are the reason for many of the technological advancements we see today. Muslim pioneers excelled in the field of Astrology, Biology, Mathematics and Music, the reason why we see so many technological marvels is because of the discovery of Algebra, which is a Muslim discovery. Similarly, Islamic civilization inspired numerous other civilizations and these civilizations set up their governance systems which borrowed from the Islamic governance system.

Islam & The Western World

Europe and Islam throughout history have had to face each other in the battlefields, be it for Jerusalem or Andalusia. The European world has been familiar with Islam for a long time but now both have found a way to coexist with each other and this is the reason why we see so many Muslims settled in Europe and they enjoy the same rights as their non-Muslim counterparts.

Prayer Times London

Prayer Times London: If we are to talk about the prayer timings for Muslims in London then simply check in with us and find out all about it, we constantly update our timings to ensure that you always have the correct time and do not miss out on any prayers. Time for Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha can be found here on our website.

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