Today Bradford Prayer Times – Namaz Time Bradford 2020

Bradford Prayer Times

Date12 March 2020
Fajar04:51 AM
Sunrise06:27 AM
Zuhr12:17 PM
Asr04:8 PM
Maghrib06:06 PM
Isha07:43 PM

Bradford Prayer Times: Bradford is a town with 1.5 million inhabitants, which makes it the seventh largest city in the United Kingdom. Bradford is historically known for the booming textile industry that it once had but it has slowly declined into extinction over the last couple of decades. The area also had access to coal, iron and wool, which made it an important industrial town for the entire United Kingdom. Bradford also has a thriving immigrant community, the immigrants that are living in Bradford originate particularly from South Asia. It is a town with numerous flavors, languages, cultures and religions, particularly Muslim diaspora from all the world is found here.


Islam came into being around 1400 years ago when Muhammad PBUH received revelation from Allah Almighty, when he sent down the revelation through Gibrail. Islam started in Makkah and from there the Hijrat took place, Islam spread to Madinah as well and eventually it spread to other parts of the world. Islamic leaders took great efforts to ensure that Islam is spread across all of the lands. The Islamic Golden Age ushered in a whole new level of prosperity, some of the greatest minds from across the Muslim world came to Baghdad which was the hub of thinkers at the time. The Golden Age of Islam made great strides in the fields of astrology, mathematics and even medicine.

The Golden Age

Some of the most prominent Muslim minds of all time often worked on field of Science as well as Arts, such as working on music and poetry while working on fields of Science. It is a shame that over time art has been discarded as a field which is considered to be Non-Islamic by the Muslim community when in reality the greatest minds of the Islamic world used to pursue music as well as other disciplines.

Islam and the western world have been at odds on several occasions throughout time such as when we look at the conquests of Jerusalem and the conquests of Andalusia. These conquests are some of the conquests that made Islam a force to be reckoned with. Islam is an entire guideline which has laid out the policies for all aspects of human life such as governance, banking, rights of parents, teachers, neighbors even the rights of animals are laid out in Islam.

In Islam, there are rules for when we go to war and these rules clearly state the dos and don’ts of how to fight the battles and how to treat the prisoners of war. Some of the rules of war are not to harm women, children, old people and not to harm the enemies that have surrendered and not to harm those that have run away from the battlefield.

Namaz Time Bradford

Namaz Time Bradford: If you are looking for prayer timings in Bradford then simply pay a visit to our website and find out timings for prayers in Bradford. Timings for Fahr, Zuhr, Asar, Maghrib & Isha can be found on our website and we constantly update our timings to ensure that you never miss out on a prayer.

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