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Zong 4g Device Packages

Zong 4g Device Packages: Internet has become an essential necessity in today’s modern world because everything has become more global and cloud based. Most of the data that we used to store on our devices and which used to take up a lot of our device’s storage space but also made it inaccessible in case the people were away from the devices, this inaccessibility lead to the creation of cloud based storage devices. Moreover, these reasons have lead to the development in Internet technology and the user base has grown significantly since the inception of Internet. Moreover, economies have become dependent on Internet and states are investing huge amounts in internet infrastructure.

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Zong History

Zong is a Chinese owned Telecommunication company that operates in Pakistan and is 100% owned by China Mobile. Zong has been operating in Pakistan since 2008 and has grown to be the second largest network service provider in Pakistan, commanding 21% of the entire market share in Pakistan. The network provides network services such as 3g & 4g, the reason for such a large customer base is the fact that it has network coverage all across Pakistan and even in remote areas that previously did not have proper network connection.

Zong Internet Devices

Zong provides internet devices that enable the user to be connectedon the go. They do this by providing 4g connection to phones through their sim cards and also through devices. The following devices are offered by Zong:

  • Zong 4g Bolt (Fiber Home)
  • Zong 4g Bolt (Huawei)
  • Zong 4g Bolt+ (Fiber Home)

These devices are operated by recharging them with data, which are offered through different packages. Additionally, these devices all hours a 1500mah battery which lasts the user up to an entire day and when it finishes, these devices charge back up to full in just a matter of minutes.

Zong Internet Packages

All in all, Zong provides internet to the customers and the fact that it offers such reasonable and market competitive offers, has propelled Zong to stardom and has enabled the customer base to grow significantly to the point where it commands the second largest customer base in Pakistan. Moreover, Zong 4g Device Packages has been testing 5g equipment in Pakistan which makes the technology available and as soon as the government starts issuing license for 5g network in Pakistan. The packages range from 3 months to a 12 month duration after which the users will have to renew the package.


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