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MTMIS Islamabad: If we talk about the vehicle registration process in Pakistan then we can simply think of the MTMIS system, which is short for Motor Transport Management Information System. The system is available nation wide across all the major cities but if we talk specifically about Islamabad then we can simply access the Islamabad MTMIS by logging on to the website and type in the details that we need to know and press search. The centralized system allows the user to find out all the details of the vehicles that is registered in Islamabad. In this article you can find MTMIS Islamabad Online Vehicle Verification.

Benefits of Using MTMIS Islamabad

As we mentioned earlier, MTMIS is a centralized vehicle registration system which enables the user to find out all the details of the vehicle, such as:-

  • Owner of the vehicle that is registered in Islamabad
  • Colour of the vehicle
  • Engine Number
  • Chassis Number of the Vehicle
  • Year of Make of the vehicle
  • All the latest tax and taken details of the vehicle

Being able to access these records, the users can check for all the tiniest of details so that while buying a used vehicle, they are not being defrauded or being a sold a vehicle that has been tampered with.

Pre-MTMIS Islamabad Era

Prior to the introduction of MTMIS Islamabad, all of the vehicles were hard to track ass the records were piled up on one another and were hard to retrieve. This system was inefficient and time consuming and this led to a huge rise in vehicle related crimes because the registration details of the vehicles could just be easily tampered with or forged altogether. With the introduction of MTMIS, the vehicle related crimes have been curbed by a huge margin and this combined with the Safe City Project, has effectively deterred a huge number of crimes.


In the end, we can see that this accessible and effective system is responsible for helping the cities be safe if crime, deter crime and locate and track criminals. But also at the same time, the MTMIS has helped the masses safely sell and purchase vehicles without having to worry about the integrity of the vehicle details, as anyone can just log on to the MTMIS website and cross check all the details of the car such as engine number, chassis number, color, owner along with all the latest tax information and check of there are any prior payments due. If you want to MTMIS Punjab verification so please click here.

MTMIS Islamabad Online

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