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New Four Instagram Fonts – PackagesPoint

Instagram has declared that new fonts for the stories are coming with the options of serif and stencil.But one of the reason of disturbance in Instagram users is the one of those fonts which is similar to the infamous Comic-Sans font from the 90s.


Comic-Sans was developed by typographer Vincent Connare in 1994. It was discovered for speech bubbles in cartoons. Connare thought that cartoons should be a comic style,affectionate and jolly font with a manuscript look and it should be for children.

Font Popularity

This font reached popularity to an extreme level amongst the users in period so that they put in formal documents,assignments,and commercials.Hence the time reached when Comic-Sans spread everywhere . A trend began in 2002 started to inflict a ban on Comic-Sans and later on many people came forward and unfortunately the most popular font became the hated font .


This font is harshly used in this time but Instagram wants to start this type of font.Many users are opposite to this font to extreme level.On the other hand,some people have no concern about public view ,they considered this font as a easily understandable and easily readable font for dyslexic patients.IF Instagram is starting this font for this type of patients then there is no need to irritate and tease Instagram should be admired for this type of thoughts.

Substitution of Font

If somebody is not interested in that font , they have many substitutions of that font. They have no right to give negative feedback of this font .Instagram is not forcing them to use this font.

Use of The Font

Users can use this font easily by writing anything in the Story .They can also switch fonts by using the interface element .


people are very aggressive to this font so users should use it carefully. If you have your own account on instagram then you can use it otherwise it is better to avoid it

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