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Privacy-driven ‘safe folder’ by Google – PackagesPoint

The secure file By Google introduced as an app for the billion of users in other developed countries with different priorities and patterns. This Safe File that released by google as an app is specially how devices share in over all the world at any place because of culture expectations.

Safe folder App by Google

Today, Google provides a new folder in the file app where you can save your files. Now at this time almost over 150 million people use this in the world. New safe folder is totally secure with the 4 digit pin code and if you want to open your safe folder files you must need to put that 4 digit pin code and you can easily save your personal information like images, documents, audio and video files as well. This folder is not able to get a screenshot or screen recordings. When you move on to another app then this app is automatically locked, and if you want to use this app then you must need to put 4 digit pin code again to open this app.

The new secure file app features

  • This secure file was created just before for those people who have a low storage phone, most of them from like Pakistan, Nigeria, India and Brazil as well.
  • The new secure file app feature is able to secure all the personal and important files in one place and they also secure your personal info with the 4 digit pin code.
  • Remove over 1 trillion files, and might take over 30,000 years if the customers were to clean a duplicate, or junk files in every second.
  • Save up to 400 plus petabytes of space on customers phones that’s round about 1,400 years of HD video recordings nonstop.
  • In every single second get upto 12GB free, equivalent to 5,000 photos per second as well.
  • This secure file is available on google play store with over 80 plus languages.
  • If you are interested and you want to get more information about this, you can visit this website,  files.google.com.

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