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Work from home policy for Facebook employees till July 2021

Facebook and Google both agree for saying that they are going to allow their employees to work from their home because of coronavirus. From the experts of health and government they decide for employees to keep their work responsibilities continued at thome till july 2021. Facebook said I will give to employees with more $1,000 to spend on home for office needs.

Work from home

In the end of July, Mr. Alphabet Inc announced from google’s, He said those peoples who are not able to work who can continue the work till June 2021. Twitter Inc has already previously managed some employees for online work. Due to coronavirus, facebook staff will continue the work from home for one year. The head of the organization said, Facebook provides $1,000 to workers for home offices.

CEO Mr. Mark Zuckerberg Announced

CEO of the company Mr. Mark Zuckerberg said that returning to Facebook workplaces would have to be achieved in a “staggered way. Those employ who are not working remotely, like terrorism or suicide and self-harm reduction, such as content testers, as soon as possible some developers as well will be back on workplace very soon.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Company will be open once again with the permission of the government. They are still working for two months to stop covid-19, they have Most of the offices in the united state and Latin america But due to Coronavirus might be possible they are unable to open this year. Facebook’s statement to prolong the WFH allowance follows a similar Google decision.

Last month the biggest company of social media, they told the staff most of the people will be continuing the work from home till July 2021. Twitter and Slack have made a permanent choice for any of their workers to work from home.

In may, according to Facebook CEO Mr. Mark Zuckerberg it will be announced to some staff to continue work from home permanently.

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