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Jazz Exploring More Network Services – Packagespoint

Jazz still working on it to provide digital services, 4G capacity and network roll out:
Jazz is on a top in internet providers companies, that is why Pakistan’s number one 4G internet provider. Now Jazz is still working on it to grow internet services and provide the fastest internet network.

Jazz Users

In 2020, jazz’s users increase is almost about 5.6% year over year increase 62.8 million,
on the second side 4G subscribers increased 71.5% almost growing 19.1 million. overall the users its almost 41 million in Pakistan. Jazz still working on it to growing internet services in Pakistan, 4G users increase over 17% YoY to over 10,000. Jazz care app, and jazz world, has been increased active users ratio its almost over 6 millions in a month, so that is why now Jazz is the No 1 telco app in Pakistan. Jazz TV app and the content services are also seeing encouraging momentum.

CEO of Jazz Mr. Aamir Ibrahim

The CEO of Jazz Mr. Aamir Ibrahim said, in the bad situation like Covid-19 we need to focus on our cheapest and better internet packages because these packages are very important for those people or students who work from home.
In the future we will still work on 4G internet services and we will also provide the better services and internet packages for customers In the middle of reporting time we are getting news about the increasing customers in jazz cash day by day and now its increase over 8.1 million. Now Jazz cash is the no 1 transaction money app in the Pakistan.

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