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Redmi AX6 With Wifi 6 Supporting Router – Packagespoint

Redmi AX6 is the most popular wireless router released recently in china. This is also known as the upgraded form of Xiaomi Ax5 router of Redmi . It is a new model, with its unique look. Its six antennas are getting people’s attention rapidly. In addition, It has great capacity to access more than 248 devices attached to connect at a time.

Features of Redmi AX6

Decent and with its simple style, it is also smooth and trendy. Its white color gives it a unique and nice look. It embraces dual band connectivity with six 6 WIFI technology. It provides wireless band-width upto 2976 Mbps. The device antennas claim the network coverage upto 50 per-cent. The redmi AX6 router replaced the redmi AX5. It will supply 248 secure connections simultaneously to the users.

Multiple access Orthogonal frequency designed the router. Which allows complete data transmission to eight users at a time. It also supports Mesh Hybrid Networking. The router allows the wide houses or firms to remain connected to any place in an area.

Cost of Redmi AX6

Although the Redmi AX6 router offers a best and low in price solution to all of us. In june, It was released with 32$ with upgrade of AX5 wifi 6 router. In this year xiaomi released two types of routers. One of them is the AX1800 Mi Router and the other is the AX3600 Mi AIoT Router. It was released in china in june and also became the first WIFI router.

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