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Apple restricted Facebook updates and here’s why?

Facebook told Reuters that Apple had stopped reminding users. This proposed new feature will allow Apple to receive up to 30% of app transactions. Apple claims that the update breaks a provision in the App Store, which requires developers not to provide users with “irrelevant” content.


According to an update, iPad and iPhone makers have cited Apple Developer Software View, which prevents developers from providing unnecessary user details, although Facebook claims that the purpose of the post was designed. Has gone Promoting transparency. It has also revealed the details of the launch and even shipping of the next iPad and Apple Watch along with the iPhone 12 series. According to him, Apple will hold iPhone 12 and 12 Pro events from October 12 to week 42. In addition, Apple will reopen pre-orders for iPhone 12 (non-Pro) models this week and begin the next shipping. Starting Saturday, October 19. The iPhone 12 Pro is expected to launch sometime in November.


He also revealed the launch date of the cheap iPad 10.2 and Apple Watch Series 6. According to him, both the devices will be launched in the week starting September 7. They also claim that Apple will launch both devices in a press release. There will be no program to launch them. On the other hand, the company will launch the iPhone 12 series in one program. Although I do not know what he will do after leaving the post. Apple has not yet commented on the incident.

Facebook claim

Facebook claims that Apple has been asked to cancel all charges so all the money will go to the event organizers, but Apple has denied this. Functionality is now available, but without Apple’s 30% break.

Why Apple refused

Apple’s longest-running lead store is urging iPhone makers to cut all sales of these apps by 30 percent. When Apple was approached by Facebook to drop all charges in order to transfer money to business owners on all matters, Apple allegedly refused.


The new features under discussion are aimed at influential and high profile Facebook users. And it’s also a new way to monetize your live online program through direct access. Which is collected when guests register to attend. “

It’s not yet clear how Facebook will actually go about doing this, so it’s no surprise that Apple shut down the note. Apple has tightened its grip on application store rules, such as Netflix, Kindle and Spotify. You can pay a very low price for it.

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