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Now Instagram Collaborate with Messenger – PackagesPoint

Now it’s going to start. Instagram DMs collaboration with Messenger Chats. A couple of years before, Facebook announced collaboration with all the famous apps like Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger chat as well. The latest update in Instagram, we can watch a big overhaul of Instagram’s DM.

US state Get updates

In the US state the iOS and Android Instagram subscribers are getting some latest news. in this news and with this news they are telling customers they can send a message on facebook from instagram and even your friend does not have an instagram account. The icon in the top of the corner in the Instagram app is going to be exchanged with the messenger logo.

Insta launched new app

On the second side, Instagram has launched a new app, Reel, which is an exchange with TikTok. Reels also give permission for subscribers to record lip-syncing, dancing, comedy bits, and protests as well. Those people who wanna go on Reels, they just need to open instagram and just press the icon of the camera on the screen on the left side. There are a lot of major icons on the left side on the screen like Audio, Speed, Effects, and Timer as well.

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