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Successful Story of Ahmed Rao in History – PackagesPoint

A huge collections of success stories about the Pakistanis forign like Nargis Malvala has recently made a lot of headlines in various news agencies accessor in Pakistan. Today we’re gonna see another story. This is about for Ahmed Rao. He is a co-founder of UK based startup scrap, who recently raised $ 1.6 millions from seed investors. A well known personality, whose name is Ahmed Rao, is a Pakistani businessman based in London.
He is always looking for new opportunities in the market. With an extensive track record of developing, a lot of innovative solutions in Asia, and has now extended its knowledge and expertise to the United Kingdom. As a founding member of Islamabad-based software house silvar Pvt. Ahmed successfully launched GPS tracking watches for the workforce. Automation, for a facility management company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in May 2017.

How do they find Scrap?

In 2017, both of silvas, Ahmed and Hassen Rao, along with their university friends from the UK, have launched scrap. It is a solution to demand for construction wages in London. Scrap was founded with the version of allowing SME. Builders can order any construction rental service at the click of a button.


Scrap’s 25 team is developing the world’s first application. Which is dedicated to automated construction. The work has been tested with hundreds of suppliers in London, Manchester, and also Birmingham, to complete more than 10,000 deliveries to thousands of large companies, and small companies. Which is atay from the already stressful construction experience.

Purpose of scrap

Scrap is a construction freight market that links the construction business to on-demand escape, and construction freight services. The whole process is organized in one mobile application. Just in two years trending success, scrap has generated more than $4Mk, and has more than 5k workers and opportunity 150 constructions rental proxiders, working in partnership with scrap, which is growing steadily. Scrap has focused on increased recycling rates and reduced carbon footprints, moving jobs to the most local suppliers, Ahmed is not shy about the challenges facing electrically and along with other co-founder is passionate about making scrap a global name.

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