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Beautiful Picture of Zhalay Sarhadi With Her Family

Zhalay Sarhadi was born on June 11, 1981 in Karachi, Pakistan. In addition to being a TV drama actress, she is also known as a popular model. He became involved in many great and successful plays. Her consulting performances include Drama Series Uraan, Madiha Maliha, Akss, Digest Writer, and Rang Laga. His role in these serials was excellent and full of performance.

She is now 39 years old. But despite all this, they still look like young girls. Do you all know that Zhalay Sarhadi is already married and has a beautiful daughter?

Recently, a few days ago, a video of Zhalay Sarhadi went viral on social media. In which, he opposed the most famous Turkish actress Esra Beljik, who was seen in the role of Halime Sultan, a heroine known as Halime Sultan, in the drama serial Ertugrul Ghazi published in Pakistan. Very appreciated. Due to his fame, he was selected as the ambassador of Pakistani brand. Due to which Zhalay Sarhadi opposed him. And he added.

So let’s go, let’s see Zhalay Sarhadiko together with her husband and her beautiful daughter in pictures.

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