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Ultra-light MacBook with Apple Chip is Reportedly Coming this year

The latest and new iPhones & iPads are so fast enough to beat of their series rivals with A-series chips that they power laptops or desktops. And reports from People say that’s just what’s happening. That Apple actually works on laptops and desktops that feature A-series chips instead of Intel. Some of these reports also claim that Apple’s ARM MacBook project could be launched by 2020. However, in addition to WWDC 2020, Apple has also confirmed plans to replace Intel in the upcoming Max with a new silicon chip.

According to a new report, this is not a MacBook Pro, Air or iMac. Instead, we see an A14X chip that is an ultra-thin, ultra-lightweight, 12-inch MacBook. This is the processor we want to see in the latest iPad occupations since the introduction of the iPhone 12, as the A14X 5 is a NMA14 bionic chip, which will give a new power to all iPhone 12 versions this year.

By not updating Apple, the MacBook has secretly destroyed the 12-inch line. But this design could be Apple’s future arm. It Introduces Apple’s thinnest and most advanced laptop ever. The China Times also claims that the new notebook weighs less than a kilogram (1KG) and is estimated to weigh about two pounds by the end of the year.

Features of 12-Inch MacBook

  • The size and weight of the new 12-inch MacBook is not the only interesting aspect. Rather, the device is widely speculated to be USB-C, 15-20 hours of battery life and retina display. Thanks to a faster, as well as more efficient 5nm processor that helps make all these features possible. This chip not only supports resource-related apps and advanced resolution, such as the iPad Pro. It will also allow for a slimmer design, as the laptop will not need as much cooling as the Air and Pro models did. This is just speculation at this point. One reason for this is that it is not clear what kind of heat dissipation the A series chip will require for laptops. However, the report also states that Apple will add its GPU to the Apple Silicon Max in the future. And the next IM Mac will be released in the second half of next year.
  • Moreover, the code name of this GPU is “Lifuka”, and this chip is built on a 5nm process. And this is the K in which TSMC has also assigned manufacturing work. However, research suggests that the new GPU will further improve per watt capacity and computing performance.
  • Regardless of what Apple’s first powerful Mac will be?
    Apple’s entire MacBook Pro line will move to ARM chips in the coming years. As Apple has previously announced. However, we have not yet confirmed the release date or price for this 12-inch MacBook. But it can’t be ignored that Apple may also announce the Apple MacBook during its upcoming iPhone 12 launch event.

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