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Find the Best Top 7 Software Houses in Lahore

In the present time, we can say that it is the age of technology, and everything is becoming digitized and computerized. It is a race where everyone is moving towards digitization. Pakistan is also one of the developing countries, and it provides huge services towards the information tech. Many cities in Pakistan have huge services of software houses and are ranked in the best software houses in the world. Some of them are just exceptional, and some are providing average services to their customer. As time is passing, Pakistan’s world of information technology is also raising. Although all the software houses in Pakistan provide its best service here, we will discuss the top 7 software houses in Lahore  of Pakistan exceptional in its services.

List of top 7 Software houses that are in Lahore

When we talk about Pakistan’s famous cities, Lahore, the heart of Pakistan is one of them. We know that many stories are popular for the Lahore, the successive stories. We also know that Lahore has an exceptional rate of success in different business fields, which cannot be denied. In the same way, it gives its best services in regards of software houses, So, here we will discuss the top best seven software house that is in Lahore so you may also come to know that what kind of thing it provides us along with this if you want to do the internship then this article will be quite beneficial for you so may know in which software house you may go.

Topmost NETSOL technology INC

NETSOL is one of the top software houses of the Lahore, which gives a variety of services. It does not just give the product, but the qualitative product is its assurance. To fulfill the customers’ requirements is the main thing that any company has to achieve, and this company has this feature it complete all the requirements that are told by their customer. Its staff is its major asset, and it has a great response in the market.

In December 1995, Salim Ghauri set up a small system, and with the passage of time and hard work, it is now one of the best international software consultant and the best software company. In the finance and lending industry, NETSOL has a great experience by allocating enterprise solutions. Its services are not limited to this; it provides its service in banking, IT departments, hospitals, etc. It has a great experience to work with more than 30 countries and 200 finance.

When we talk about the success of the NETSOL, then it is appreciable that NETSOL is the first to be ranked in the NASDAQ. For your information, NASDAQ is a global marketplace that is in the second position of the world. This company works its best for five consecutive years to get marked on the Pakistan industry map and international. In Pakistan, NETSOL gets the opportunity to be awarded by the ISO-9000 certificate.

Its working is exceptional, so it gets the title of CMMI of Level 5 in 2006. NETSOL worked with the world’s best companies like BMW, Toyota, YAMAHA, Nissan, Volkswagen, etc. +It’s extraordinary working makes it the best Company in Pakistan.

More Details Click Here: NETSOL

The Runner-up TECHLOGIX

It was started by three young friends who done MIT graduation, namely Salman Akhtar, Khurram Afridi, and Kewan Khawaja. Now it has 300 employees who effectively deal with their clients and produce outstanding results globally. They deal with E-business services, consulting, and IT services. They started this Company in Lahore, and now it spread its root in Islamabad and Karachi. Not only in Pakistan, but it also has its braches out of the country in Malaysia, Boston, Dubai, and Kuala Lumpur. The center of TECHLOGIX is in Beijing.

TECHLOGIX has released one of the best software known as MEStrO. MESTrO is used for a vehicle that is Fuel efficient for creating an electrical system in the industry of automotive. This software becomes so popular that it is used by more than 20 automobile companies such as HONDA, RENAULT, BMW, and FORD.

TECHLOGIX gives a variety of software. It creates one more popular web-based tool known as JAZBA, which is an outstanding product. With the help of JAZBA, users can create the catalog, template, webpages, and layout. The staff of TECHLOGIX is motivated to develop a productive thing beyond the expectation of the user. This courage lets the CompanyCompany be top listed in the best software house. 

More Details Click Here: TECHLOGIX

A third, the CONRAD labs

CONRAD is one of the top software companies in Pakistan. They do not have a huge team; instead, they have a limited team with a huge knowledge of the software (SAAS) and other technologies. They work with dedication, so their work is exceptional. CONRAD’s main focus is on the purpose-built software and application development services that include Python, PHP, JAVA, JQUERY, and MySQL.

On 15 March 2009, Abbas Yousaf Zai started CONRAD. Company produces web application and mobile development, so high skills are required to set up. Moreover, to ensure its availability, it manages the deployment and offers DevOps service.
CONRAD, with a small team of 25 members, has more than 25 happy clients. It works with the Boomerang GEMALTO, PROVO, and WESTGATE.

An interesting service is provided by the two clients of the CONRAD lab. Let us discuss a little bit of here. StoredIQ is one of the services, without shifting a large data in a special program, its process, and analyzing the irregular business data.

The second one is the AXCIENT used to replace the old methodology of business and recover the sole. And create the data backups.
Its great feature is cash and equity. At the initial stage, it gives the yearlong R and D agreement at a low price. Their dedicated work helped them to secure the position in the top software houses that are in Lahore.

More Details Click Here: CONRAD labs

At fourth CONFIZ 

One of the largest software company in Lahore. It is raising day by day as the technology is growing up. It has a team of 300 members who work with devotion. Their work is exceptional, and its branches are not limited to Pakistan. CONFIZ has offices in ESTONIA and the USA. Their clients are also popular such as SEARS, CMS, Sage, Microsoft, Reading RAINBOW, UFONE, TELENOR, PAKWheel.com, EXACTLY.me, PULSE POINT, TALENTCOVE, KYCK, ars, INTEL, and HOODRE.

CONFIZ working is so efficient that it has certificates and awards like CMMI Level 3, ISO2000:2011, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013. It gives its services to the clients in the portal application, mobile application, mobile interface, modernization application, content management, and mobile strategy.

The Company also gives its services in user experience studios like user experience, UI engineering, and visual board. There aim and work made them one of the best top software houses in Lahore.

Infrastructure management and cloud tech is the part that comes in its services.
CONFIZ is the best Company that works with its team to give their client an extraordinary product to create a good relationship between them and their clients. The Company is using the latest technologies so that it can achieve the requirements of the user.

More Details Click Here: CONFIZ


In 2006 this Company was founded by Babar Ahmed, and the co-founder of this Company is Faraz, who has experience of 15 years in desktop applications, mobile applications, and websites. Almost 40 employees are working in the MINDSTORM, highly skilled in animation, graphic designs, development of the game, character designs, and visualization of architecture.
Since 2006 it is creating effective and amazing games for PCs. It just that it wants to deliver the best products to its clients over the world. It starts its career from the PC game, and it became so popular that it got fame to develop the official game of World Cup Cricket in 2011.

The teamwork with the dedication so that their work should be perfect. It is producing new games that can be easily installed on new devices like tablets and mobile. The highly skilled team member is working to create an amazing game that is simple but amazing.

MINDSTORM is working efficiently and produces more games that are compatible with android, iPhones, and Windows mobile phones. The most popular game developed by the MINDSTORM is the Alliance WAR; globally, it has an installation of about 50000+. Moreover, some players spend USD nearly 5000 in the in-app purchase.
Some most popular games developed by the MINDSTORM include this  Company develops the kingdom of heroes, Jurassic carnival, Coin party, Lord of crime, farm break, War INC, Cricket power, Whacky taxi pic the world, and many more famous games.

The MINDSTORM is one of the best software houses of Lahore. This is because the team members are dedicated to their work, efficient, fun-loving, and hardworking to produce amazing games that are not just being played in only Pakistan but also the world their games are becoming popular.

More Details Click Here: MINDSTORM STUDIO

At sixth rank ARBISOFT Company

A small group of talented and dedicated people is the founder of the ARBISOFT. They want to establish a comfortable and productive place for the developers to work to develop amazing software. Because of their talent and how they communicate with their clients, the ARBISOFT is ranked in Lahore’s top software house.

This Company was first named as DEEPPIXEL CEO Yasir develop it in the year 2007. It is still in use, but it is used to handle the 3D image of medical post-processing on a small scale. All the work done by the talented team member raise the ARBISOFT to the height of success and become a reputed company.

The All WORLD NETWORK recognizes ARBISOFT as a growing company. ARBISOFT team is much talented and has much expertise in technology and work in different frameworks. They use their expertise to produce the product according to the requirement of the clients. They usually do teamwork, so their revision process is faster, and in this way, they develop the software in a time limit. The belief in the team works to produce productive software. ARBISOFT has a partnership with some successful businesses in the world.

Its main developments are in games, 3D imaging, search analysis, mobile application development, and scraping of data. ARBISOFT has clients over the world, but it does not have its office out of the country. They have to deal with the most popular companies like Stanford University, EDX, KAYAK, TRIPSCANNER, and Indeed.

This Company’s main aim is to give an effective environment to their staff to show their skills and produce an amazing product that fulfills the clients’ requirements. That is why it is ranked in the top software companies that are in Lahore.

More Details Click Here: ARBISOFT

On seventh ABACUS company

ABACUS is one of the popular software companies in Pakistan. In 1983, it was founded. The journey of 30 years, the Abacus’ main aim is to create a strong relationship between the client and the Company to produce a product according to the client’s requirement. They think that their clients play an important role in their development to produce highly effective products through the clients’ guidelines. Their clients make the organization popular.
In terms of its services and team member, it is a developing company, and it has offices in the four countries. 

Their partners include MERCER, Google apogee, KONY, and UIPATH. ABACUS’s work is a simple and efficient way to achieve the best results along with their partners.
ABACUS president’s name is ASAD, the managing director is Abbas Khan, and the total team member is about 2500. The Company divides its work as Technology, Consulting, and OUT Sourcing.

The Company completes an abacus deal with 22 countries and almost 1200 projects.
They do teamwork and involve their clients in their projects to fulfill the clients’ requirements efficiently.

More Details Click Here: ABACUS


Here we have summarized the top software houses in Lahore so you can easily select the software company you want to work and in which Company you want to do the internship. These software companies are providing the best job opportunity, along with a good salary package. Their environment is also a perfect place to work in. If you are a client, then this article can also help you as you can select which software house will best suit your requirements.

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