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Get an update about twitter launches the election hub

Twitter is launching a new election hub like the balloting system or for the selection of a president is done that is expected to be in less than 2 months. The main purpose behind this election hub is to provide all the latest updates about the news and regarding other information or elections.

The person who is using this can utilize it efficiently as a tab will appear on the top of the search engine, especially for the US users. All the moments will be collected from the new channels that report and the collected data will be shown in this hub.

This hub will keep its user engage through the news about the latest voting, a live video of the candidates, latest events, and of course the local news. The primary medium for this hub is Spanish and English.

The main aim of this hub to provide an opportunity for all eligible and educated people to take part in the US election of 2020. The major principle of this twitter election hub is to give information to the people about the elections along with it they come to know how to register themselves for voting.

Moreover, this platform gives the user more understanding of the process of election and in this way, they come to know about the balloting system, to cast their vote, make the right selection from different choices.

Twitter launches the election hub in Spanish and English for voting

Twitter is one of the best application through which many people in the world are connected in various ways. The hub on twitter will help all the educated people to cast their votes using the voting advocacy organization and gets the information from the non-partisan. Through this, the user gets an update about the available and unavailable ballot along with this they will be informed about the proper process of voting. Twitter is the most responsible app and it is dealing with the election with a huge responsibility. They are trying to avoid the wrong and misleading information and also to minimize the wrong news related to the elections.

Because of the misleading information about politicians, elections, and voting all the companies banned the advertisement related to the election last year.
All the social media including Instagram, Facebook, and an emerging app known as Snapchat is trying to collect information about the voters and also to minimize misleading information about politics.

Moreover, Facebook said that it will stop showing the political ads before the time of the election in this way they can control the rate of wrong information that spread in the world.
Although, Snapchat is going to introduce awareness about the voter in the app so they can cast their vote easily.

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