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Facebook is launching a New Smart Glasses With a Ray-Ban

Facebook declares that they are going to launch an exclusive pair to their consumers next year the smart glasses as a brand of Ray-Ban. The CEO of Facebook announced that they are near to launch such an amazing thing. However, it is not clear that which feature this device may contain but Facebook confirms The Verge that this model is not considered to be an AR device. Moreover, it will not contain any kind of integrated display.

All these things point towards that they are closer to something resembles Snap Spectacles.

Facebook says that the glasses they are going to launch will be one step in all their work on AR. This may include their experimental research known as Project Aria.
At the start of this month, Facebook is going to test these smart glasses in the real world with the help of their employees and contractors so they can deal with the tough situation in different areas like design, privacy, and video recording.

Facebook tried for many years to build such a type of device that will resemble the smart glasses but now it got permission to work on such a thing. It is now working with the Ray-Ban maker for designing the frame of smart glasses. Moreover, they also deal with the Italian eyewear brand.
The vice president of Facebook said in his statement that they are passionate enough to produce such devices that keep people close to one another. Moreover, they collaborate with different brands that are equally passionate to develop such an exclusive device. Hence, they are working with the best brands on its design and eyewear.
The smart glasses have various features that may include receiving a phone call, show all the information to the user on a display screen and they can also go live with their social media friends.

Facebook is also developing a software an AI software for voice recognition that will put the user’s voice into the device The company is trying to test this device in the real world to find out how other changes can be done which information should be shown by the glasses and which should not.
In many features, the company is working. It is not sure whether this product is going to launch on the given date or not. But, the CEO of Facebook strongly believe that such type of device should be introduced in the world and they are working hard on this.

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