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PTCL Luckily finish the JUSTUJU Program 2020

PTCL the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. PTCL luckily finishes the JUSTUJU program that is held in 2020. It is considered to be the best internship program that was specially designed for disabled persons. It is based on 6 weeks program specially designed in which only 20 candidates are selected from the major cities of Pakistan Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore. Although, it is the first group and that is why it is limited to only three main cities of the country. As the program may expand then it will include other cities as well.

As we all know about the present situation, Coronavirus, it has made all the work done from home and a new trend is set up. So, in this program, we will set up such a system that all the skill development of the interns should be in a safe environment.

In this program, each individual is allotted a mentor who will guide them in the best way. Moreover, these mentors are the best employees of PTCL that is why they are selected.

Additionally, all these mentors are firstly given training about disability sensitivity to ensure that they can easily train and communicate with their interns in a feasible way. Some interns are suffering from hearing disability while some may have a physical disability. So, to create a smooth communication between the intern and the mentor PTCL make the DeafTawk its partner. Hence, this company works for 9 to 5 for providing full support in technical counsel during this JUSTUJU program.

PTCL selected these interns to train them by keeping the main goal in the mind. Their purpose is to grow the skills of disable persons so they can enter the workforce with polished skills.

Hence, many interns know in which department they want to work while the interns who do not select the selection team of PTCL to help them in their decision.

While the training of the interns is going on in their specific department, PTCL also helps them to learn webinars that help them in learning other skills too like interpersonal skills, time management, and critical thinking.

The minimum eligibility criteria for this internship program is the minimum bachelor’s qualification is required. However, these individuals are not given access to the basic tools, so in this program, they are guided in a good way. They are also given classes on how to make their resume which all the individuals should know.

When the internship program is ended the intern of this program is awarded by the certificates with a scorecard that is based mainly on their performances.

In the end, the basic purpose of this program is to train to disable people in such a way that he can become financially independent.

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