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Recent unpleasant incidents have caused everyone’s attention and grief. Abuse of women is on the rise in Pakistan. It is a pity that the government has so far failed to control any of these situations and issues. All this has turned into a deadly epidemic of assault and mistreatment of women in this beloved country of Pakistan. This is a very serious and bad situation and in recent days numerous incidents have come to light which is also a major cause of sadness. Tell you about the motorway incident, the case of little Zainab in Kasur, etc. It is sad to say that our system seems to be failing to protect against shameful attacks on women. However, to address this issue, I cite 5 personal safety apps for women that can help protect vulnerable women in our society.

BSafe Provides the woman safety

BSafe uses an SOS system for the protection of users which can be activated by voice and by touch easily. The Selected contact numbers by the users receive an audio alarm in critical situations along with the user’s location. This app records whatever emergency an individual is facing, and sends location along with the audio and video to their selected contact. In my opinion this is one of the best and very essential safety apps for women.

Use of My SafetyPin

This app allows users to select the safest and most reliable route. On the other side if you enter an unsafe location it sends a notification to your family or friends, so in this way they can track you.

Use of Hollaback

The Hollaback app is very essential in the collection of evidence and data. It collects the data and information which is related to harassment on streets and road sides. It plays an important role to alert the authorities about the intensity of the problem. The app records your location and lets you explain any info about your location and also the way you were harassed or what you may have witnessed etc.

SpotnSave Feel secure Application

SpotnSave Feel secure was designed to enable the users to inform spouses and friends about their location. The app gives an alert along with the user’s location to a pre-selected contact number. it is done after every couple of minutes.

Eyewatch for Women

Eyewatch uses the SOS system which is designed for Women. It is able to assist you by sending your location and audio video signature to your guardians and friends and someone special or beloved. It is enabled by Simply on tap the ‘I am Safe’ option and notify your protectors like guardians. The app has been popular for its high location accuracy and its amazing functioning without GPRS.

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