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Alizeh Shah Age, Family and Complete Biography

Alizeh Shah born in 2000 in Karachi. One of the most talented actresses in Pakistan. she started her career from the drama of Daldal. She is now a bright star in the industry. She played the good role of Palwasha in the drama of Ishq tamasha and got a Hum award in 2018. She has a lot of fans because of her acting. she polished her talent day by day. Alizeh Shah is the most beautiful younger star in our industry.

Personal information of Alizeh Shah

The 9th of June is the date of birth Alizeh shah. She is a very confident and brave girl in every field of life. Her beautiful eyes are the major cause of her beauty and fan following. Her bright and innocent eyes make her impression more attractive. She loves sunshine and she is very serious about her career in the industry.


Alizeh Shah Films

She played the beautiful role of Chutki in a superstar movie that was released in 2019.

Alizeh Shah all famous dramas


In Daldal she played the Best role of Tamanna this drama was famous in 2018. After this drama, she got famous. She also got a lot of attention from her fans. Alizeh after this serial makes her career more successful.

Ishq Tamasha

She played a good role in Ishaq tamasha with Aiman khan and Kinza Hashmi. Her name was Palwasha in this serial.

Mom ka Diya

In this drama serial, Alizeh Shah played the main role of Farhat. Her role was prominent in this drama serial.


She still worked in many drama serials as Ehd e Wafa her famous drama she played the role of Dua. It was one of the famous dramas in Pakistan represented by DG ISPR. She played a decent girl role in that drama.

Noaman Sami and Alizeh Shah relationship

Noaman Sami and Alizeh Shah are now one of the growing famous celebrity couples of this year after Yasir Hussain And Iqra Aziz. They started dating but not yet officially announce the status of their term to the public.

At the starting of the new year 2019, Alizeh shah posted a thankyou post for noman Sami to make the year special for her. In response, Noaman Sami also uploaded the same picture on Instagram wishing his fans.

Alizeh and Sami both celebrities also shared their beautiful pictures on social media. It was hot new on those days.

Alizeh Shah Family

Alizeh Shah shows a picture of her family. She only shared the picture of her mother on the way to the shooting. That thing shows that her mother is also supportive of her.

Alizeh Shah Facebook accounts

The most famous account of Alizeh shah on social media is Facebook and Instagram. We noticed Alizeh used Instagram for sharing her pictures and brand promotion. 42k likes on her Facebook page. She has 229 posts on her Instagram with 1.3 million followers.

Her Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/AlizehhShah/
Her Instagram accounts: https://www.instagram.com/alizehshahofficial

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