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Telenor Business Suite (Cost control option)

Telenor users who are connected to the medium business. The #MoreseZyada feature is a solution for them. However, using this feature, users of Telenor Business Suite can choose the cheapest and affordable packages of their choice.Basically the Telenor Business Suite is a digital bulk resource management. It is a platform which helps corporate customers manage costs and meet their all communication needs.

Adapts the Communication Needs

Telenor Business Suite emerges as a facility that offers not only cheap packages to businesses and individuals. Rather, it adapts the communication needs of businesses to the needs of consumers. However, in addition to this, Telenor Business Suite also has a big role to play in running the business efficiently.

Design to Monitor

Telenor Business Suit is more comfortable to Manage the user’s wants and desired goals. It is capable of assigning and adjusting the employee’s hurdles. It plays an essential role to access Internet.Business Suit has more control on the Self Service Portal. Which is specially designed to monitor, supervise and control your staff usage.High price internet is the big issue for the majority of internet users. Telenor Business Suit provides the more internet at competitive prices.


Digital Cloud Platforms can easily access the platform and its capabilities wherever you are in the far east. You can create your own bundle (BYOB) .Through this platform you get the flexibility to customize many different offers for your end users. In traditional offers you don’t have to rely on the offer yourself. You can control your spending.By purchasing a large number of resources. you have complete control over your data connection needs. Profile Creation This feature allows users to enjoy their flexibility. In assigning a large number of resources and also manages the distribution of resources. It is based on their organizational ranking. It is a comprehensive alert setting and reporting module.

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