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A new Launch of the Samsung S21 soon in the Market

Do you have an interest in mobiles? Do you have a love for Samsung mobiles? Do you ever buy a Samsung S series mobile? If YES, then you might always wait for the new mobile launch, especially for its S series.

Hence, Samsung always produces an amazing gadget that amuses people in various ways. Everyone has extra love for the S series as it has extraordinary features. Now, everyone waits for the new S collection that is S21.

Very soon, Samsung is going to launch the S21 model. However, it is understood that this model will have more high-quality features that are loveable. Hence, yesterday we have got pictures of S21. However, this news was leaked by the XLeaks7.

Hence, from here, we get the full view of the mobile, let say that 360 views of the mobile. From that, it is assumed that Samsung has redesigned the S series. So, let us discuss the design of the S21.

Design of Samsung S21

Samsung always comes up with the eye-catching design of its mobile mostly with the S series. Hence, the new model S21 also has some catchy things. On the top is its design. The frame of the flat screen is enclosed in thin bezels. However, Samsung has its popularity in its screen to body design.

Hence, the size of the screen is 6.8” that supports the 1080P resolution. However, S21 has come with extraordinary colours like silver, black, and also in violet. If we discuss the camera result, then no other mobile can compete with it. Hence, the S21 model has three cameras at its back that are placed in a box shape. So, it does not take a large space. Moreover, these cameras are enclosed in a chrome ring-shape that gives them different look.

The sides of the mobile are hooked, and the edges are rounded. Hence, the lenses of the camera are 12MP, and the zoom-in lenses are about 64MP best model of Samsung.

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In a nutshell, the S21 is the best model of the Samsung S series. Soon it is going to launch, and everyone is going to love it. Many people are eagerly waiting for it.

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