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Soon Google Maps is Going to Launch the GO Tab

Are you using Google maps frequently? Do you want to search for the destination? Do you want to know the track leading to your destination? Hence, Google can help you with this.
Many people use Google for different purposes. Many use it as a searching tool and others for a different purpose. Hence, Google provides you one more feature that is Google Maps. However, Google maps allow you to search for the destination.

It is the best feature that many people use. However, there is news that Google is going to launch a new thing in Google maps, and that is the Go tab. Hence, this tab has the best feature.

The function of the GO tab

Hence, the GO tab is going to be implemented in Google Maps soon. The best advantage of this tab is that you can save the destination using this tab. Hence, you do not have to look for the location that you mostly visit.

Through this GO tab, you will be able to save the location like a school location or the restaurant that you mostly visit. This feature facilitates you in different ways as if you have gone somewhere else and want to go to your favorite bakery, and the destination will be on your mobile. The work you have to do is to select the destination name.
Moreover, if you have to travel on public transport, then the GO tab will also help you. You can look at the track and come to know about the traffic. You can also estimate the time required for traveling.

Hence, you can say that it is the best feature. You can also pin your location to get the best possible route for the destination.


In a nutshell, the GO tab in Google Maps is an amazing feature. Hence, it makes your work easy. The only thing you have to do is to pin the location that will be saved, and you can access the track whenever you want.

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