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Samsung’s new launch S21 is coming with NO charger and earphones

Samsung is one of the trusting brands in mobiles. However, everyone trusts this brand and also loves it for different features. Samsung is manufacturing mobile phones for many years and they have developed their trust and love for many years.

Moreover, they always come up with new designs or features. Hence, this brand is one of the best brands in mobile phones. Moreover, the S series is one of the favorite series of Samsung. Hence, these S series have lovable features.
Many people like the Samsung mobile as their design is unique and features are stunning. Hence, today we will discuss one of the new launches of the S series mobile of Samsung and that is S21.

However, its launch date is announced and as the launching date is coming near, we are getting more information about the S21. Hence, the new information we get about the S21 is that it will not contain a charger and earphones in its box.

However, it is surprising but the reports are published that it will not contain the charger and earphones in its box. However, other chargers are supportable by its charging port so Samsung will love to sell the other chargers with this model.

Samsung S21 will not have a charger and earphones in its box

Hence, the model is overall good. It can have 25W charging. However, the launch date is mid of January. While the two models S21+ and S21 ultra are coming with a stunning display screen. Hence, the length of the screen is 6.7 inches and 6.8 inches.

Hence, in many leaks, we get different information about the S21 models. However, this S21 will have an FHD+ display with a 129Hz refresh rate. Although, this model will also develop its love in people.
However, there is some news that Samsung is going to plan new models with the Snapdragon 888 chipsets. Hence, the code name is given to the new model, and that is SM-G991U. Later we will get some news about this model too.

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