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YouTube New Feature of HDR live Streaming

YouTube is one of the best social media. Many people use it for many years. Everyone trusts this media and many people are earning their linings through this source. However, YouTube always comes with new features. However, this is mainly used for watching different videos.

Hence, YouTube has many videos with different interests. Many topics are available on YouTube like cooking, education, styles, lectures, and many more. Hence, YouTube gives you a platform to
show your talent. However, many people learn from YouTube and many make videos to guide people.

Hence, for making videos HDR video is not supported in 2016. After this YouTube introduces the live streaming session. Many people use this in various ways. However, this feature does not support HDR.

But now YouTube has changed the features and now live streaming can be done in HDR. This is a good feature and we know that many people will like it. However, many people got benefit from YouTube. We are sure that through this new feature many people will increase their business.

Moreover, many people are going to enjoy this. However, if you are a creator or want to stream live, then there are few things for HDR live streaming. These are listed below:

  • Compatible encoder.
  • The camera should support the HDR video. It can have either PQ or HLG colour standards.

If you are not sure about the features of your camera, then see the manual of your camera.

However, this is all that creators need. But the viewers must also have some things for viewing the live stream in HDR and they should have the following things.

  • You can watch the YouTube app on the HDR TV.
  • The Android must have an HDR display.
  • Windows or Mac must have HDR graphics so it can support the HDR streaming.

Hence, to enjoy the HDR live streaming both the creators and the viewers must have these things.

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