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Angry Bird Net Worth

You might have come across many popular and addicting games. Each year developers introduce a new game that more than half the world likes to play in their free time. Many people find it a challenge to complete the task while others play it for fun. The game that becomes popular not only benefits the users but their popularity benefits the owner along with its shareholders financially. Today we will reveal the worth of the most.

Many of us play this game and often become addicted. In 2010, this game becomes very popular. Today we will reveal the worth and how many owners does angry bird has. It is very interesting to know how much the owner earns after the success of this game globally.

The data that we will share today was estimated in 2012, but today I can say that worth will be more than this.

Now let us move to the owners and Angry Bird Net Worth.

Angry Bird Net Worth For Owners

The company behind the angry bird is Trema Holdings. The owner of the Trema holdings is Kaj Hed, father of Mikael Hed, a CEO of the company. The father, son, and nephew are enjoying the best output from the game.

Kaj Hed owns the largest part of the company that is approximately 70 percent. Mikael Hed has 0.6 percent shares of the company. The other owners of the company who are Niklas Hed, the co-founder of the company have about 4.3 percent shares, and the investor Accel Partners and Atomico owns about 10 percent shares of the company.

This is the partition of the shares in the company. , the last investment in the company was made in March about $210 million. Due to its popularity, this company got many investors, but they rejected Zynga. , they offered 2.25 billion. This company offers more.

Structure of ownership

We have mentioned the detail of the evaluation. Each owner is enjoying a handsome amount. Below is the structure of worth of the owners. According to the evaluation below is the list.

  • The owner of the company Kaj Hed gets $1.75 billion.
  • Investor Accel Partners get $225 million.
  • Investor Atomico get $225 million.
  • Co-founder Niklas Hed get $96.8 million.
  • CEO Mikael Hed get $13.5 million.
  • Employees get $29.3 million.
  • Felicis Ventures get $22.5 million
  • CMO Peter gets $69.8 million.

Now you know that the owners and shareholders can get the maximum benefits from the popularity. Angry bird gets the max profit not only in 2010 but till now many people play this game. Also you can find addicted people to this game, and it increases the worth of the company.

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