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Samsung S21 is Going to Rule in 2021 Due to its Features

Samsung always launches such type of exclusive phones that attracts number of people. Many people like its functionality and waits for the new releases. Now we have some leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S21.

Whenever a new model is launched, the company start working on next upcoming one. So they can produce something new in the model. Samsung Galaxy S21 is going to rule in 2021 as it has good features. According to the rumors, this model will be launched in January.

Few months back Samsung has launch Galaxy Note S20 and S20 Ultra. But now they are giving clues about S21. It contains the Snapdragon 888 chips. Further, it has more features like cameras and pen.

It is also in the news that this model will contain the S pen. The most lovable feature that many people like. Some features of Galaxy note are present in Samsung Galaxy S21.

Leaks about features of S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 will contain an S pen. Moreover, the other features are also outstanding. It has 6.2 inches display screen. The placement of the cameras increases its popularity. The cameras are present vertically and one aside.

Cameras in Samsung Galaxy S21

The zooming capacity and the quality of Samsung cameras are always amazing. Samsung Galaxy S21 will stand up with its camera standard. It is rumored that Samsung is working on upgrading cameras. They will also extend the capabilities of the video in 2021.

The three cameras have the best capabilities. The ultra-wide camera has 12 MP the other has 12 MP and 64 MP lens. Hence, the company is working on the up-gradation of the cameras and it will be released in 2021.

Display of the Samsung Galaxy S21

The display screen of the model is flat. The edges are curved that increases the beauty of the cell. Hence, the dimension is not disclosed, but the rough estimate is 151.5 x 71.2 x 7.9mm. This is not confirmed, but roundabout this will be the dimension. This model will be wider than the previous versions.

Battery and storage

The storage of this model is 128 GB. There is a slot for the SD card through which the capacity of the storage can be increased by 256 GB. Like the other previous Samsung S series, this model has the 4000 mAh.

In short, the people are eagerly waiting for the Samsung new release. It seems like people will like this due to its look and other features.

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