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Together mode feature is available on Skype

Many people have moved towards social media. In the present condition of the world facing COVID-19 many organizations including offices, education, and other institutes are doing work from home.

Hence, for this purpose, they might use many social apps. In the present condition, many people are using the ZOOM app. This is the video calling app that helps employees to work from home. At this time Skype did not introduce any new feature, but now the new feature is introduced namely Together Mode.

This is one of the best features of Skype that can help many people in various ways. This feature will be publicly available in the coming week. Inspired by the Microsoft teams, this is designed, and the updated version 8.67 will be available for Windows, Linux, Mac, and other web devices. Moreover, you can enjoy these features in android also.

Skype together mode feature

It is a very useful social app through which you can join a video meeting. It seems like you are sitting in a room with other participants. Hence, Skype might include a large grid mode. In this, you can add up to 49 participants on a single screen.

It also has other interesting features. If you update the app, then you might have the following functionality.

Functions of Together feature

There are a few functions that you can enjoy through the “Together mode”.

  • Hanging out: This is a feature that many people are going to enjoy. It allows participants to see each other. Forty-nine participants can see each other through video steam.
  • Let me add: This is an amazing feature. During the video call, you can add other participants through Skype ID and numbers also. It is not necessary to add all the participants when the call is started.
  • The background features: This feature is liked by many people. Skype provides you the feature of changing background. You can change the features as per your demand from a variety of options.
  • Meet now: You can enjoy this feature in Windows 10. The only thing you have to do is click the icon.
  • Bug fixes: In the video calling various issues are faced, or many bugs occur so, to avoid this Skype has introduced the bug fixing facility.

However, these are the features that you can enjoy in Windows, Linux, Mac, and another web app. Many of these features are also available on Android. It might include Background features, Bug fixers, hanging out, and let me add.

All sum-up is you are going to love this feature in various ways. At this time of COVID-19, you can work easily and efficiently. Update your Skype app and enjoy the latest features.

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