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Google and Facebook agree to support each other

Nowadays this news is on trending that Google and Facebook have teamed up. They are under the accused for signing the deal to cooperate. It is stated that they are dealing illegally with each other for advertising purposes.

Here, we are going to discuss this accusation on Google and Facebook. So, let us start.

Accusation on Google and Facebook

The Wall Street Journal revealed that Google and Facebook are working together for antitrust. Hence, this was stated by the ten states of the lawsuits. The states that Google is working with Facebook illegally in online advertising.

They violate the law of antitrust. However, further information revealed that they were knowing about the deal, as it is violating the antitrust law. Moreover, there are chances of the investigation on such type of deals.

Moreover, the deal was done in September 2018. In this, they both agree to work together, and Facebook will not compete the Google for advertising purposes. In this way, Google will become the best search engine.

Google and Facebook

As we all know that these both websites are used all over the world. Google is mainly used for searching purposes. So, the COO of Google deals with Facebook. Google wanted to become the best and high-ranked searched engine. That is was they both deal unlawfully.

However, from the journal, it is revealed that they were knowing that it is against the antitrust lawsuit. Moreover, in the journal, it was seen that they have an email in which the Facebook COO has said that this deal is good enough and very strategically.

Google and Facebook deny this accusation

From the Wall Street Journal, Google and Facebook were accused of dealing with each other for working together. But Google and Facebook deny this accusation. According to them, everyone deals with each other for many purposes.

In one statement, Google said that they are not dealing with each other directly. However, there are many companies related to Google that are also working with Facebook. Hence, such types of deals are often common among companies.

If we sum up all at end point, many companies deal with each other in case of some popularity. From the journal, it was clear that Google and Facebook are dealing with each other that are against the antitrust law. It not clear what will be the decision. We will keep you updated about what will happen to this case.

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