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OnePlus is going to launch its first smart watch

OnePlus is one of the best companies in mobiles and other technologies. Their products are also good. They work on the specifications, and their models are liked by the public. Now, from the rumours we get information that they are going to launch the smart watches.

It was rumored that they are working on smart watches, but now it is officially announced that they are going to launch the OnePlus smart watch. However, the specifications are not revealed yet, but we will discuss things that we get from the rumours.

Overview of OnePlus watch

OnePlus have launched its mobile phones. But they always want to introduce such things that help people. Hence, the CEO of the OnePlus is a talented man, he tweets what else they can do to serve the public.

From his tweets, we get some idea about smart watches. However, smart watches are not a new invention. But they are working on this device so they can launch something different as mentioned earlier that we do not have more information about the specifications of the OnePlus smart watch. But still, we will give a little information about this product.

Launch date

From the tweet of the CEO of the OnePlus, we have an idea about the launch date. In his tweet, he did not mention the exact date, but it is understood that in the next year 2021 we will see the smart watch of the OnePlus.

He said early in this year they will come with the surprising model. So, we can assume that they will launch their smart watch with the OnePlus mobile model 9.


We cannot assume the price of the smart watch of OnePlus. This is because they have not released any updates about this product. But OPPO and OnePlus are having the same parent. OPPO also releases its smart watch and mobiles.

However, they both release their products with the same features. But from the rumours, it is clear that the smart watch of the OnePlus is different from the OPPO watches. Hence, we cannot estimate the price if the watch is different in features.


It is said the smart watch might have a round display. But we are not sure because we do not have any information regarding the features and specifications of the watch.

Everyone is waiting for the smart watch of OnePlus because their products are always stunning. We can assume that its working will be quite good as their products are amazing. We will update you soon as we get information about the specifications of the OnePlus smart watch.

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