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ZONG Advance Makes your Life Easy

Nowadays ZONG is a frequently used company. In a short time, ZONG has become a fast growing telecommunication company. It is owned by China Communication Co-operation. In public it is a favorite company that is providing the best calls and internet services. The first brand for providing the 4G facility in Pakistan. Moreover, you can enjoy the best internet packages at a cheap price.

Procedure to take advance in ZONG

No matter where you are, you can take an advance. The only thing you have follow the following procedures.

First method

  • Dial *911# from your smartphones. After a few seconds, you will get the advance of Rs.25.

Second method

  • If you do not remember the code, then you can simply send a blank SMS to 6922. As soon as the SMS is sent you will get the advance of Rs.25.

Is any tax applied on taking the advance?

Yes, when you reload your balance, then some amount of tax is deducted other than the advance. Rs.3.50 will be deducted as a tax amount. So, the total amount is 25 + 3.50 = Rs.28.50 will be deducted.

ZONG services

In a short time, ZONG has become the best telecommunication company. They are giving you different packages for different purposes either calls or the internet. It is considered to be the first company for providing the fastest internet service. That is why they have 26 million users.

With time the number of the subscriber is increasing so they want to improve their services to facilitate their customer in various ways.

ZONG other facilities

Many times you come across a situation when you do not have balance and you have to make emergency calls. In this awful situation, many telecommunication companies have designed a service that can help you out. Hence, ZONG is facilitating their customer in this situation. You can easily take an advance. So, let us see how you can take advance in ZONG.

In a month, how much advance you can take?

This is the major question that many people ask. So, ZONG provides you the facility to take twice in advance in a month. Hence, you can take the Rs.50 loan in one month. You will not be able to take a loan of more than 50, no matter how much balance you used in that specific month.

Terms and conditions

There are several conditions you have to take care of.

  • You must have Rs.5 or less than this to avail of the advance service.
  • After taking a loan, you have to recharge your account within 30 days.
  • After recharging standard taxes are applied i-e Rs.3.50.
  • In a month, you can take the loan two times.
  • This service applies to pre-pay.

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