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What is the meaning of the Islamic name “Anaya”?

If you are going to become MOM and DAD soon, then you might search for certain names. Many Islamic names are there about which we do not know. Hence, for this purpose, we will tell you about some beautiful names.

Importance of names on personality

Name effects more on the personality. So, many people select names that have amazing meaning. In this way, their child’s personality is effective. It is observed that name plays an essential role in life and personality.

Today we will discuss the most beautiful Islamic name, Anaya. This is an Islamic name, and many people like this for their baby girl. It’s meaning and has a stunning effect on personality. So let us proceed.


The meaning of Anaya is “GIFT”. The amazing meaning that is beautiful. In Urdu, its meaning is “Tofah”.


This name is originated from Hindi.

Lucky number

Every name has its number that is beneficial for them in various ways. So, the lucky number related to Anaya is 1.

Lucky stone

Many Muslims like to wear different kinds of stone. According to an astrologist, stones also affect life in various ways. Either education, business, married, or financial life. So, the best stone that suits to girls of Anaya name is ruby.

Lucky days

Astrologists tell some days, numbers, and many other things related to the name. So, for Anaya, the lucky days are Thursday and Tuesday. The decision or any work done these days will be good, and you will not regret that decision.

Lucky metals

Copper and iron are the most effective metals for Anaya name people.

However, we see many famous girls whose name is Anaya. Many parents like this name due to its meaning. Women whose name is Anaya are successful in all fields. So, you can select this name for your baby girl. Moreover, this name also affects the beauty of the girls.

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