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LG is going to launch the best TV

LG is a well-known company that always manufacture such type of products that are loveable by people. Hence, they always come up with new things and technology. This time LG is coming up with the best technology. Whenever you go to the market for shopping, then you might search for the best thing that will fulfil all your requirements.

Types of LEDs

Two types of LEDs exist in the market that is:

  • Bend LED.
  • Flat LED.

These both types of LEDs exist in the market. And they both have different purposes hence below we have explained these categories.

The function of different LED

  • Bend LED: This type of LED is used by gamers. Hence, you can enjoy all the gaming features on the LED. Many gamers like to purchase this LED as they can enjoy their games effectively.
  • Flat LED: The other type is mainly popular among people who like to watch TV stuff like dramas, movies, cartoons, and many other things.

Hence, both types are purchased frequently. But here, the question arises if the person wants to purchase both types of LED, then it might be very costly. So, LG has worked on this issue, and they are launching this type of LED that has features of both.

This is the first time when any company is producing such a thing that can have features of two different things. If you want to play games, then you can bend the LED. In this way, you will be able to enjoy the games.

Moreover, if you want to watch some TV stuff like movies, dramas, cartoons, and other materials, then you can flatten the screen. In this way, you will be able to watch your dramas easily. Hence, this is for the first time that any company has worked on this technology.

Some specifications of LG OLED

This LED comes with a new thing that is bend and flattened facility. The size of the OLED is about 48 inches. One more size is about 65 inches. They both can be changed into curved and flattened on a single click.

The sound quality is also good as they have used LG Display’s Cinematic Sound OLED technology. However, the refreshing rate of this LED is 120 Hz. The radius you can bend your Led is 1000 mm. These are some of the specifications that you can enjoy with your LED.


In short, LG always manufactures such a thing that is very useful and has stunning features. Many people are going to like this model because this is fulfilling the requirements of both. The best product in the market.

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