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Jeff Bezos World’s richest person Net Worth

Jeff Bezos is an entrepreneur industrialist, an inventor and also a media proprietor in America. He is the one known as CEO of Amazon world’s largest multi-national technological company. He was the first -billionaire on the Forbes wealth list. Jeff was at the top of billionaire’s, but till Elon Musk transcend him on January 7, 2021.

Jeff become the Second richest person

He became second richest person in the world. The net worth of Jeff Bezos is $185.7 billion that is derived from Amazon stock holding. The Amazon stock holding has completely proportional with the growth of personal fortune. Bezos has control on over 10% of Amazon, although he has 53 million shares after selling millions of his shares in 2020.

In 2019 it was fell down $36 billion after he get divorced. His ex-wife get 4% of Amazon which was almost 19.7 million shares that was written in their divorce agreement. Bezos was a man whose worth was over $200 billion when amazon was reaches at $3552.25 by the time in late August 2020.

He created a strategy by following the path of billionaire. He built a business enough vast to take it IPO and also by having a large equity stake by taking his business into the world’s largest corporations. Amazon also sets an example of owning equity in traded company by holding the leverage to give an investor a full strategy plan to build wealth. Each one of the investor is going to become a billionaire as it still holds 286 share as the stock went over $3500 a share.

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