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WhatsApp New Web Version 2021

WhatsApp web is a multimedia messaging app which runs all the WhatsApp software. With the help of this app user can place their mobile away from laptops or PC by loading instant messaging. This new version of WhatsApp is an easy solution for those who were wondering to MMS messaging service.

However, the WhatsApp app was built in 2015 for the first time. At that time the app was not so updated it lacked so many features as compared to the current one. The WhatsApp web lacks the most important feature of audio and video call in its previous version. But now you can call audio and video on your Pc or Mac. You ca also send images, audio, videos, documents and many more.

WhatsApp desktop incorporation into the Microsoft shop that start to heel other related apps making it to Microsoft shop. Same as the desktop variation of other app WhatsApp has also modified its way to WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp desktop works as an extension of the mobile application that requires a mobile phone to be used in. Additionally you can find the app on web.WhatsApp.com. The dimension of this app is around 250 MB and also according to the feedback from the resource link. It is not available at every site you may have to wait a bit for it to be available in your country.

It also came to hear that it’s only a beta version to test and is allowed to some users. We hope you like this new update of whatsapp web version.

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