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Most Popular Potato Chips in the World

If you are a potato chips lover, then I am damn sure you will like to know that which company fall at which position. Here, we have collected the data from different regions. Some brands are short-listed who distributes their products all over the world.

Different companies have their own method of producing potato chips along with its flavor. Due to their quality and flavors many people like them. However, every company has its own taste. So, the ranking is also different.

Below, we have given the list and you can look for your favorite company. If the company is not ranked then do not worry it may be due to the difference in the regions. So, let us see which type of potato chips are liked by people.


However, Lays is the most ancient brand. It is well-known for its quality, and all over the world, its products are delivered. There are different flavors of Lays. The best flavor that many people eat is its BBQ flavor little spicy but delicious.

Doritos flavor cool ranch

It is not wrong to include Doritos in the second position. The most popular potato chips come in a triangle shape. They are a little hard, but when it is eaten with some dip like onion or sour cream. You cannot imagine the taste. So, we list Doritos in the second position.


Like Lays, Pringles is also an ancient company. Its quality is always good. It is ranked in the third position, not due to its quality but its taste. Different people have different taste buds. Hence, Pringles is positioned at third. It’s creamy and onion flavor is liked by people.


In the four position, we have Cheetos. This chip is liked by many people due to its softness and flavor. At the start, this only comes in cheese flavor. Many people appreciated the taste. So, they introduce other flavors like ketchup, spicy, and many more. Moreover, they also come in different shapes. Still, they have a quality taste, and many age groups like to have these chips.


In the world, it is the fifth popular chips eaten by people. Its shape is a simple circle with waves. Its sour creamy, taste with the cheddar makes it delicious.


In short, many people prefer a different taste. These are few companies that are producing the extra astonishing flavors. Hence, people like them due to their quality and flavor. And I am damn sure that your favorite company is listed up here.

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