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Samsung is following the trend of Apple for excluding chargers

Samsung is the best company in the world of mobiles. They always come up with new specifications. We see that Samsung certainly follows the trends set by Apple. When Apple releases its new model without a charger, then there were few rumours surrounding that Samsung will also release its new model without a charger.

Hence, the rumours turn into reality. When Samsung released its Samsung Galaxy S21 model in the market the retail box was without a charger. After the launch, people were mentally preparing for the absence of the charger.

What is the reason behind the absence of the charger?

As Apple releases its iPhone 12 without a charger, then many customers feel discomfort and ask for the reason. The head of the mobile industry replied to reduce the e-waste. This is one of the reasons behind it.

How the chargers will be available?

When the rumours were spreading customers ask from where they will get the charger. The company assures to provide the charger separately. Moreover, the charging port of the S-series and other Galaxy models are C-shaped. So, you can charge your phone with your old chargers.

Moreover, we get the information from the leaks that Apple and Samsung will provide an extra charger for free. Still, there is no confirmation of this news from the brand. As soon we get any rumours we will inform you soon.

Do other models of Samsung will include chargers or not?

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21, people often put the question whether other models of Samsung will include chargers in their retail box or not. This confusion was removed after the interview of the President and Head of Samsung mobile communication.

In his interview, he mentions that the further models of Samsung will not contain chargers and ear buds in their retail box. Furthermore, they will provide the chargers separately that will be compatible with their models.

Will customers switch to other brands?

The answer is NO. It is because the trend is set by Apple and other companies are following it. Hence, there is no choice left for the customer. They have to purchase the model without chargers.

You do not have to worry because they are designing the charging port in a way that older chargers can be used.


In short, Samsung is the best brand and they will not lose their customers. Hence, they are looking forward to the solution. In rumours, we get the information that either they will give charger free or they will design the C-port whose chargers are easily available.

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