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The new Updates in the Google Play Store

With time there are several modifications in different apps. In the Android model, we download certain apps through Google Play Store. However, it is an app that is designed for downloading other apps.

If the app is not updated frequently, then people get bored with the same design and functions. So, the developers keep updating apps. The application people use in Android set for downloading other apps is Google Store. Today, we will discuss its new updates.

What is the new update in Google Play Store?

The new update that you can see in the Google Play Store is about the trending apps. Many people like to install that app that is trending. So, Google Store is providing you the facility to see which app is trending nowadays.

Before this update, people search different websites and read different contents that will tell you about the most trending app and which app is down. Hence, the Google Play Store embed this function in its store. This helps the people to see the app and install it if they are interested. This reduces the search time.

How does the new feature work?

When you open the Google play store, then on the above of the app a separate chart appears. On which all the trending apps are listed. With the help of the icon, people can see which app is moving up and which down.

The icon contains the arrow listing downwards and upwards. The upward direction shows the trending higher and downward indicated the lower rank. But here is a problem that a person cannot know about the actual number it moves up or down.

Where you can see the trending apps?

Open the Google Play store, on the above section of the Play store a separate chart is available on which you get all the information regarding trending high and low. However, each category has a chart. Like games, social apps, etc they have their charts. In the charts, all the trending apps are listed in descending order.

Which apps are on trending nowadays?

If you open the Google Play store, then few apps are trending. These include Signal, Telegram. In games, the highest number of app that are downloaded is Among Us.


In short, this new update is loved by many people. It reduces their search time. People can easily know about the apps.

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