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Pakistan can produce 150000 MW by the wind

Pakistan is facing electricity crises. Many areas do not get proper electricity. This is because the government wants to pay attention to the long term projects. But from the recent news, we see that Pakistan can produce 150000 MW electricity by wind energy.

It is quite enough electricity that a country can get. Hence, there are various short ways that government can adopt for producing electricity.

Investment in the wind project

Naveed, the president of the Pakistan-China joint chamber of Commerce and Industry said that Pakistan can use wind energy for the production of Electricity. However, the project may require an investment of about two billion dollars that is quite a huge amount but it can solve certain problems.

Furthermore, he added in his interview that government should pay attention to different short-term projects to reduce the crises of the nation and increase the productivity of the industries.

Some short term project

Pakistan can produce more electricity through a different short project that includes the following projects:

  • From wind energy, almost 2500 MW of electricity can be produced.
  • From solar energy, almost 1000 MW of electricity can be produced.
  • From large hydropower plants, almost 50000 MW of electricity can be produced.
  • From small hydropower plants, almost 3100 MW of electricity can be produced.
  • From wastes, almost 500 MW of electricity can be produced.

This is the ratio discussed and when combined form a huge amount of electricity.

Comparable than other countries

Pakistan is very back from other countries in producing electricity. Other countries are also working on short term projects so they can increase their production ratio.

Area of Pakistan where wind ratio is high

In Sindh, the government can plant new projects for gathering electricity. In this area, the maximum amount of wind ratio is found. The wind speed is about 7.5 m/s and 7.7 m/s. Hence, you can see different wind power plants. The area might include Jhimpir, Gharo, and Bin Qasim. All these areas are situated in Sindh.

We can expect that our government can work on such projects through which we can establish our economic rate and also increase the production of our industry.

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