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Pakistan will introduce 5G internet technology soon in 2022-2023

Internet is the basic need of today. Many of our tasks are performed through the internet whether it is related to business or education. Hence, in every field, we need the internet. So, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is working on the technology to give the best internet facility to people.

With time they have worked very well. The 3G, 4G services are quite amazing. Now, PTA has announced that they are going to launch 5G internet technology to their customers in 2022 or 2023. So, we can expect great speed in the coming years.

New internet technology in 2022-23

Pakistan is working to introduce the new technology. All the workers of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) are designing the roadmap of the 5G technology to make it ready in the year 2022 or 23.

However, the 5G journey starts in December 2022. This is going to be the best service on the internet. In the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of the internet increase by a huge ratio. In many fields, we see the use of the internet.

Test conducted for the 5G internet service

In the previous time, some tests were performed to check whether it will work or not. Hence, the test was performed successfully. The IT minister of Pakistan also tested the 5G internet service by making a call to China.

Hence, the report was good enough to introduce this new technology in Pakistan. He included in his interview that the voice was clear and loud. Moreover, there was no external disturbance in the call.

Various tasks are performed and it is expected that in the year 2022 or 2023 people will enjoy this internet service. But from the facts, we can say that to implement this new technology in Pakistan four to five years are required.

Which is good in 5G technology?

The fastest the speed the better you get the internet connection. So, the 5G internet connection will give you the best speed. It is calculated that 5G is giving you 10 times the fastest speed than 4G.

Pakistan will become the first South Asian country that will give you more download speed more than one Gbps. It is expected that with the new introduction the economy will progress.


In short, the 5G technology is fast enough for doing any task online. The new technology will be enjoyable soon as expected.

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