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Zong Puk Code – How to Unlock Zong PUK Code 2021

ZONG is the best telecommunication company that is providing the best opportunities to customers. Well, ZONG is the new company but in a short time earned fame due to its best services and packages. However, you can enjoy different calls, SMS, internet packages at a cheap price.

If your SIM jacket is lost and you do not know the 8 digit code, then do not fret. You can simply follow the mentioned methods and get your blocked SIM to unblock. Well, the SIM is temporarily blocked and you can reverse the action. But many of us do not know about the PUK code. So before the methods let us have a look at the PUK code.

What is the PUK code?

PUK is the abbreviation of Personal Unblocking Key. This code is useful when you want to change the Personal Identification Number. If you lost it, then you have to follow any of the mentioned methods.

Methods to unblock the ZONG SIM

There are three different methods that you can follow for unblocking your ZONG SIM.

Method number one

You can unblock the ZONG PUK CODE through SMS. Follow these steps:

  • Send the SMS with the details <PUK> < ZONG number that is blocked> to 308 from another ZONG number e.g PUK 031********
  • After few minutes you will get the message with the PUK code of that number.

Method number two

You can unblock the ZONG PUK CODE through call. Follow these steps:

  • Make a call at the ZONG helpline with the other ZONG number and discuss your issue.
  • The ZONG helpline number is 310 if dialling with the mobile.
  • The helpline number 111-222-111 if you are making a call from any landline device.

Method number three

You can unblock the ZONG PUK CODE by visiting the franchise of ZONG. Hence, you must not delay anymore and visit the nearest ZONG franchise. They will guide you all the procedure and unblock you ZONG number.

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