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How to Unlock Telenor SIM PUK Code

Many times you come across the situation when your SIM is blocked. Well, there are several reasons behind it. One of the most basic reasons is to enter the wrong PUK code 3 times in a sequence. If you do so, then your SIM along with your device might be blocked.

What is the PUK code?

The PUK code is a 6 to 8 digit code that is essential to enter in the mobile when to change it. Many mobile phones ask to enter the code that is for security purposes. If you enter the wrong code, then your SIM is blocked temporarily and sometimes your mobile phone is also locked showing the emergency call option.

Methods to unblock the SIM

There are three methods to get the PUK code. These are listed below.

Method # 1

In this method, you have to dial the USSD code. You can follow the following steps to unblock your SIM.

  • Dial the USSD code *710# from your Telenor number if it is the inactive mode. A menu appears having the option of PUK and PIN code.
  • Enter 1 after the menu appear.
  • Now, enter your number whose PUK code is required.
  • After few seconds you will receive the SMS that contains your Telenor PUK code.
  • Enter the code and you will unblock your SIM.

Method # 2

In this method, you have to send the message to the specific number from another Telenor number. Follow the steps to unblock your number:

  • Open a new message.
  • Write PUK along with the number that is blocked like PUK 034********.
  • Send it to 346.
  • After few minutes you will receive the message that will have the PUK code.

Method # 3

In this method, you can unblock your SIM from the SIM jacket. When you get the SIM then the jacket is with it. It has all the information about your SIM including the PUK code. Hence, from your jacket, you can get the PUK code.


In short, you can get the PUK code through the above-mentioned methods. You can avail of any method as per your wish.

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