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How to Check Warid Sim Number Without Balance

Warid is a well-known telecommunication company in Pakistan. It is providing the best service to its customer in various ways. Many affordable packages are designed to facilitate the customer. All types of packages are available like SMS, calls, and internet. You can get any of them as per your requirements. The only thing is to know the USSD code. The services of Warid are not limited to packages.

Many times you come across the situation when you have to give your number to other people but you do not remember. So, here Warid facilitates their customer to check their Warid number for free. If you are out of balance still you can dial the USSD code and the information will be on your mobile screen.

Method to check the Warid number on your mobile

Well, when you do not remember your phone number especially when you do not have a balance, then you cannot make a call to your relative and ask them to send your number. Hence, this is quite an awkward situation. To avoid it Warid has a USSD code through which you can know your number without any charges.

  • Dial *321*8*1*3# from your mobile.
  • After few seconds you have a pop-up message that has your number.

Well, this step is free. You have to only remember the USSD code. Moreover, there is some condition that must be fulfilled otherwise it is not possible to find out the number.

Terms and Conditions

  • The whole process is free of cost.
  • You can get your number on the screen only if your SIM is active, inactive SIM number is not recognized by the company.
  • Frequently check the Warid website. The charges do not remain the same.
  • For further information, you can contact the Warid helpline.


In short, every company is providing the best services to their customer. Hence, through this USSD code, you can find out your number if you do not have a balance. It is quite a reasonable thing to achieve.

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