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Smart Device Apple Watch’s heart sensor can Detect Covid-19

New research from Mount Sinai found that wearable smart devices especially Apple Smart Watch can detect Covid-19 Corona Virus by reading the wearer’s heart pulse rate for up to one week before Polymerase Chain Reaction-based (PCR) bacteria (Nasal Swab) test and here is how.

According to recent research, the report named ‘Warrior Watch Study’ used a dedicated Apple Watch and iPhone application and included participants from mount Sinai Workers. The application and apple watch are used to track and collect their health data. The workers had to provide direct feedback of any possible signs of Covid-19. During the line of the research, the research team hired several hundred healthcare workers from Mount Sinai to participate, The data was collected for extended several months between April and September.

The primary goal for researchers was to watch Heart rate Variability (HRV). Heart Rate Variability was a key signal to a strain on a person’s nervous system. The information included fever, cough, loss of taste and smell, and other several symptoms associated with Covid-19.

For one week Warrior Watch Study was not able to predict bacteria or any infection before tests provided confirmed detection of Covid-19 and also revealed that participants’ Heart Rate Variability patterns normalized quickly after their Identification, returning to normal roughly one to two weeks following their positive tests.

As what study could lead to in terms of actual mediation, the Study Researchers note that it can help expect outcomes and isolate from others who are at risk. Most importantly, it provides a means for doing so virtually, allowing caregivers to expect or aware of a COVID-19 case without even doing any physical test or Polymerase Chain Reaction-based (PCR) bacteria (Nasal Swab) test, which can help take Safety measures in high-risk cases when the virus is suspected.

The study is still ongoing and will expand to inspect what else smart wearable devices like the Apple Watch and their onboard sensors can tell us about other impacts and expect COVID-19 on the healthcare workers, including main points like sleeping and doing physical activities can have in association with the disease.

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